1. What is Horizon Aircraft?

Horizon Aircraft is an advanced aerospace engineering company that is taking a differentiated approach in developing one of the world’s first hybrid eVTOL aircraft that is built to fly 98% of its mission exactly like a normal aircraft enabling industry-leading speed, range, and operational utility. Horizon’s unique designs prioritize safety, performance, and utility to address greater distribution and service a broad spectrum of practical use scenarios upon commercialization. Horizon is poised to successfully complete testing and certification of its Cavorite X7 eVTOL in the near term and will cater to the significant and growing addressable market of Advanced Air Mobility as a commercialized aircraft.

2. When did Horizon Aircraft become a publicly traded Company?

Horizon Aircraft commenced trading on January 16, 2024.

3. What is the stock symbol for Horizon Aircraft and on what exchange are the shares listed?

Horizon Aircraft is listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “HOVR”.

4. Where is Horizon Aircraft’s corporate headquarters?

Horizon Aircraft’s headquarters is located at 3187 Highway 35 Lindsay, Ontario K9V 4R1.

5. When is Horizon Aircraft’s fiscal year end?

Horizon Aircraft’s fiscal year end is May 31st.

6. Who is Horizon Aircraft’s Independent Auditor?

Horizon Aircraft’s auditor is Fruci & Associates.

7. Who is Horizon Aircraft’s transfer agent?

Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company serves as Horizon Aircraft’s transfer agent, located at 1 State Street, 30th Floor | New York, NY 10004-1561
Phone: 212.509.4000
Email: cstmail@continentalstock.com

8. How can I access press releases issued by Horizon Aircraft?

You can access press releases issued by Horizon Aircraft here.

9. Am I able to sign up to receive future press releases via email?

In order to receive email notifications of future news releases from Horizon Aircraft, please utilize the e-mail alert feature, found here.

10. Where can I find Horizon Aircraft’s most recent investor presentation?

The most recent investor presentation can be accessed here.

11. Whom should I contact regarding investor inquiries?

You may contact Horizon Aircraft’s Investor Relations via email at HorizonAircraft@mzgroup.us.